Meet The Team

Pelled Lab Alumni

Tyler VanBuren, MS: Masters’ candidate 2018-2021

Ryan Ashbaugh, MS: Master’s candidate, 2018-2021

Vijai Krishnan, Ph.D.:  Postdoctoral fellow 2016-2021

Ming Zhong, B.S.: Post-Baccalaureate Student, 2018-2020

Josue Franco, B.S.: Post-Baccalaureate Student, 2019-2020

Xiang Liu, M.S. M.D.: PhD Student, 2019-2020

Shengqiang Xu, Ph.D.: Postdoc fellow, 2015-2019

Samuel Shin, M.D., Ph.D.: Postdoc fellow, 2016-2018

Jariel Ramirez-Virella, B.S., Post-Baccalaureate Student, 2018-2019

Sarah Park, Ph.D.: Postdoc fellow, 2012-2014

Yan Jouroukhin, Ph.D.: Postdoc fellow, 2012-2014

Ya Yang, Ph.D.: Postdoc fellow, 2012-2014

Tali Kobilo-Moav, Ph.D.: Postdoc fellow, 2013-2015

Mary Sorrell, Ph.D.: Postdoc fellow, 2014-2016

Nan Li, Ph.D.: Ph.D. student, 2008-2013

Yang Han: M.A. student, 2011-2012

John Downey: Undergraduate student, 2008-2011

Albert Mendoza: Summer student, 2014

William Stokes: Laboratory technician, 2015-2017

Anna Heeyun Schwarz: Undergraduate student, 2015-2017

Benjamin Thiesen: M.D. Student, 2015-2017

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